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  • Panzanella

    Liczba porcji: dla 2 osób
    Czas przygotowania: 30 minut
    Kalorie: 500/porcja
    Poziom trudności 1 na 3

    4-5 dojrzałych pomidorów 
    15 listków bazylii
    sól do smaku
    mielony czarny pieprz do smaku
    400g krojonego toskańskiego chleba
    1 mały ogórek
    ½ szklanki octu winnego z czerwonego wina
    1 duża czerwona cebula
    oliwa z oliwek z pierwszego tłoczenia

    1. Namoczyć toskański chleb w misce (najlepiej używać suchego chleba).
    2. Drobno pokroić cebulę i zalać połową szklanki octu winnego.
    3. Umyć ogórki i pokroić na plasterki. Jeśli ogórek jest duży przekroić go na pół.
    4. Pokroić pomidory na średniej wielkości kawałki i odlać nadmiar płynu.
    5. Odcisnąć chleb, usuwając jak najwięcej wody, po czym zmieszać z pokrojonymi pomidorami, ogórkami i cebulą (po odlaniu octu).
    6. Doprawić do smaku solą i pieprzem i dodać odrobinę oliwy. Posiekać około dziesięć listków bazylii i dodać do miski z panzanellą, po czym dokładnie wymieszać rękami. Kilka listków bazylii zatrzymać do ozdoby.


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Florence Cooking Course and Local Market Visit

Cooking enthusiasts and novices alike, learn to prepare a four-course Tuscan banquet during this half day cooking workshop in the heart of Florence. Source produce from a local market and feast on your creations afterwards. Best of all, you get to keep all the recipes so you can wow friends and family with your Tuscan talents even after you've left Italy. Please note that the class will be divided into two groups, with a maximum of 16 people per chef for a more personal experience.

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Cortona Walking Tour

We explore the streets and sites of this ancient city: Roman and Etruscan ruins, medieval churches and dwellings, and the house, Bramasole, where author Frances Mayes (Under the Tuscan Sun) still resides throughout the year. We complete each walking tour with a glass of prosecco with silver flakes at the DelBrenna Jewelry Showroom & Studio where you will enjoy a guided tour of the ancient olive mill & wine cellar of the noble Alfieri-Venuti palace.
Enhance your tour for an extra charge with an exclusive DelBrenna “Under the Tuscan Sun” Gift Bag. Each bag includes a copy of a Frances Mayes book, bottle of local wine, sunflower brass pendent and a custom map of Cortona.
Enchanting Journeys Under the Tuscan Sun Gift Bag
• Specialized Map of Cortona
• Bottle of local Cortona wine
• Copy of a Frances Mayes Book
• DelBrenna Brass Sunflower Pendent
Please note that, depending on the season, some sites may be closed. We will still pass by, but will not be able to enter.

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Are you in love with Florence? Are you passionate about History, Art and especially about the events of the Medici family? Did you enjoy the TV movie "The Medicis"? Do you want to know more about Cosimo The Elder, Rinaldo Degli Albizzi, the Pazzi Family and of course about Lorenzo the Magnificient? If you answered “yes” to these questions it means you can't miss out on our tour. Come with us and take a dive into the past: we will make you feel a member of the Medici family for a day!  Enter with us the realm of the Medicis, the Medici Palace,  and stroll with us through the city in order to discover the Palaces and the places of the plots against them: the Pazzi, the Albizzi, the Pittis and many other families, women, lovers, friends, enemies......

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Private All-inclusive Florence Wonders Walking Tour with Uffizi Gallery

Live an unforgettable visit experience led by a professional local guide, to discover the most important sights of Florence and the incredible works of art kept inside the world-famous Uffizi Gallery!

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