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Restauracje we Peccioli

  • La Greppia

    La Greppia
    Usytuowana w zaadaptowanej stodole restauracja serwująca kreatywne potrawy. Dobrze zaopatrzona w miejscowe wina. Godne polecenia są zwłaszcza toskańska zupa fasolowa oraz wieprzowina z sosem gorgonzola.
    Piazza del Carmine 19/20
    Peccioli (PI)

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Private Market Tour and Tuscan Cooking Class with a Local

This will be a fun filled culinary experience of buying food, talking about food, preparing food and finally eating together with a local culinary expert Mirella!
Explore Sant'Ambrogio, a central market in Florence and visit local producers of oil, fruit and vegetables. On the 30-min drive to Mirella's home, hear about the history of Florentine and Tuscan cuisine. Enter Mirella's kitchen for a hands-on Italian cooking class during which you will learn to make 3-4 dishes that you will later enjoy. Your meal will include an appetizer, homemade pasta, a main and dessert.
Mirella’s approach to cooking has been influenced by both Florentine Renaissance (Tuscan nobility) and her proud Tuscan roots. Mirella uses seasonal ingredients and has a different menu for every season. A sample menu might include bruschetta or vegetable tart, penne with ragù, Tuscan meatballs with seasonal vegetables and cioccolatissimo (decadent chocolate dessert). Enjoy your meal over wine, prosecco and limoncello.

from €170.01


Imagine a magnificent villa set among olive groves and vineyards in the greenest hills of Florence surrounded by Italian gardens, a gentle summer breeze and a sun that slowly dyes the sky the golden colors the sunset. This will be the charming setting in which the staging of the theatrical adaptation of the glorious Mandragola by Niccolò Machiavelli will take place. Here, talented actors will take you on a journey to discover Renaissance Florence. Themes from this experiential theater will take you into another dimension: love potions, hilarious misunderstandings, double senses and lots of laughter will be the ingredients of this performance during which you will not only be spectators, but integral and vital parts of the show itself. Finally, you will embark on a culinary journey! Your dinner, which will be served by waiters in Renaissance costumes, will consist of delicious buffet based on the most traditional Tuscan recipes creating an evening full of sensuous pleasure.

from €120

Rent a Car for Wedding: White Chrysler Limousine

During the most amazing day of your life, rent the perfect car and surprise all your Guests and your partner!

from €837


Join the OFFICIAL DUOMO TOUR, Avoid the long line by entering in the Cathedral through a dedicated exclusive entrance to admire one of the biggest churches in the world and the amazing Brunelleschi Dome, Renaissance masterpieces and UNESCO heritage of humanity.
With our OFFICIAL DUOMO TOUR only, you will receive a personalized “WELCOME SERVICE” at the entrance; the official guide of the church will make an introduction of the entire religious complex and then you will enter the Cathedral DIRECTLY, with no line, due to a dedicated entrance.
At the end of the tour (30 minutes) you will have the chance to stay inside the church as long as you like, the tour includes also the ticket of the Museum of the Misericordia.

from €24
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