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  • Festyny i imprezy

    La Festa del Luca
    Organizowany w San Gusmè w dwa pierwsze weekendy września. Odbywają się wtedy różne zajęcia, występy muzyczne, są też stragany z jedzeniem. Program (jedynie w języku włoskim) można pobrać pod linkiem.


  • Okoliczne wioski warte odwiedzenia

    Villa a Sesta - San Gusmè
    Villa a Sesta to urocza wioska o parę kilometrów od San Gusmè. Stanowi przyjemne miejsce na przechadzkę, jest tu też kilka restauracji, do których można zajść na obiad lub kolację. W pobliżu jest gospodarstwo winiarskie o takiej samej nazwie jak wioska. Można je zwiedzić, ale trzeba wcześniej zrobić rezerwację.

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Private Fresco Painting Workshop in Florence

During the Renaissance, when Michelangelo and Botticelli were in their prime, fresco painting was considered the one true test of an artist’s skill. This 3-hour fresco painting workshop will take you back five centuries to when some of the greatest artists the world has ever seen painted in Florence. It provides a hands-on experience and includes an art history lesson and instruction on painting techniques. Whether you’re a beginner or a nuovo Botticelli, this for-all-ages tour is educational and enlightening. And because this is a private workshop with a maximum of six participants, you can tailor the experience to your liking and get more attention from the instructor.

from 67,17 PLN

Florence Full-Day Trip from Livorno

If you're staying in Livorno, don't miss this chance to visit Florence, the Tuscan city known for its art and architecture. With this round-trip transportation, you can enjoy a convenient way to get there and back in just one day. When you arrive in Florence, explore the streets, monuments, museums, and squares of the city at your leisure, from the Duomo to Ponte Vecchio. This day trip includes transportation only; there is no guide, and entrance fees/activities are at your own expense. Select the type of vehicle you require, a Mercedes E class or Viano, when booking.

from 525 PLN

Discovery Coffee and Barista Course

This course of just three hours, is designed to allow the gourmet, the passionate, the curious and the tourist  to know  a fundamental part of the taste, the tradition, the passion and the Italian way of life.

The course begins with a quick overview of the differences between the various coffee in the world, including some famous as the Kopi Luwak, the Jamaica Blue Mountain and the world of the Coffee Specialties. The course continues with a visit of the roasting company and the assessment of different blends and single origin. Then you start to work as Barista: the rules of the espresso, the cappuccino and the latte art, with the possibility to prepare your own cappuccinos with the heart.

from 65 PLN

Private Tour: Archaeological Museum of Florence

The National Archaeological Museum of Florence contains one of the most comprehensive collections of Italian archaeology with a chance to admire an impressive collections of ancient civilisations: Etruscan, Roman, Greek, Egyptian.

from 40 PLN
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