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Spedale degli Innocenti Private Tour

Visit an historical building in Florence. Just reopened, the Spedale degli Innocenti is located in one of the first very famous Renaissance architecture in the world, created by Filippo Brunelleschi, in the beautiful Piazza Santissima Annunziata in Florence. The Chiildren Hospital  was born into a legacy for creating a place for the care and support of children abandoned during the Renaissance in Florence. Rich in works of art, paintings and sculptures, it offers the visitor the opportunity of meet the histories and the personal belongins of the abandoned children of the past

from €39

Private Pistoia - Morning Food Tour Including Food Samples

Taste the real Tuscany on a private food tour of oh-so-charming Pistoia! Wander the historic streets, explore the bustling daily market and delicatessen shops, then dig into a scrumptious brunch of true Tuscan flavours. 
La dolce vita indeed!

from €100

Ride and Taste on Galileo's Hills

Italy's greatest scientist, Galileo Galillei, spent most of his lifetime in Florence, so much so that he considered himself a Florentine and owned three houses in the city.
We'll trace his life from the city center to the outlying hills with the help of e-bikes to explore the picturesque landscape, historic villas, and pretty villages in the countryside just beyond the city limits.
The tour ends with a relaxing repast: choose between a full sit-down meal at one of my favorite spots (the view is awesome) or quick snack of local schiacciata and a glass of Chianti wine. The historic trattoria is far from traffic and tourist crowds but an easy bike ride back to the city center.
The opportunity to go out from the crowded city center. Up the hills in a path studied to show you the first countryside of Florence and the opportunity to have a meal in an historical place older than one century

from €58

Santa Croce - the Temple of Italic Glories

The most important Franciscan church in Florence is Santa Croce.
A great variety of works of art are situated in the church and museum of Santa Croce, making the visit even more interesting, since most of the pieces are still in loco - in the places for which they were created.

from €200
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