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    Większość sklepów jest otwarta od poniedziałku do soboty od 9.00, z przerwą obiadową od 13.00, a powtórne otwarcie ma miejsce od 15.30 do 19.00.

    Kryte targowisko odbywa się codziennie na placu Piazza Matteotti.
    We wtorki i w soboty targ odbywa się na ulicy Via Ercolane
    oraz, też w soboty, na Pian di Massiano


    Etruria SMA
    Via R. Van Marle
    San Marco
    Tel: +39 07542751

    Coop Fontivegge
    P.zza Vittorio Veneto
    Tel: +39 0755055367
    Fax: +39 0755016504


    P.zza G. Matteotti, 13
    Otwarte codziennie od 8.00 do 14.00 i od 15.00 do 19.00.
    Niedziela po południu: nieczynne

    P.zza G. Matteotti, 16
    Otwarte codziennie od 7.30 do 13.00 i od 14.30 do 19.30.
    Poniedziałki: nieczynne

    Sandri Pasticceria
    Corso Vannucci, 32
    Otwarte codziennie od 8.00 do 20.00.
    Niedziela: nieczynne

    Via delle Volte, 12
    Czynne codziennie od 9.00 do 13.00 i od 15.40 do 19.30.
    Nieczynne w czwartki i w niedziele po południu.


    Tarpani Farmacia
    Piazza Matteotti, 28
    Otwarta codziennie między 9.00 a 13.00 oraz między 15.30 a 19.30.
    Dzień zamknięcia apteki uzależniony jest od systemu rotacyjnego, w zależności od kalendarza aptek.

    Farmacia Lemmi
    Corso Vannucci, 55
    Otwarta codziennie między 9.00 a 13.00 oraz między 16.00 a 20.00.
    Dzień zamknięcia apteki uzależniony jest od systemu rotacyjnego, w zależności od kalendarza aptek.

    Punkty internetowe

    Perugia Web
    Via Ulisse Rocchi, 30
    Fax: +39 0755720107
    Czynne codziennie od 10.00 do 23.00.
    Niedziela rano: nieczynne

    Centrum internetowe i telefoniczne
    Via Bartolo, 35
    Fax: +39 075583598
    Czynne codziennie od 9.00 do 23.00.

    Urząd Pocztowy
    Główny Urząd Pocztowy
    Piazza Matteotti
    Czynny od poniedziałku do soboty w godzinach 9.00 - 18.30.

    Komisariat policji
    Palazzo di Priori
    Tel: +39 075 572 3232

    Biuro turystyczne
    Palazzo di Priori
    Piazza IV Novembre, 3
    Tel: +39 075 573 6458
    Czynne od poniedziałku do soboty w godzinach od 8.30 do 13.30 i od 15.30 do 18.30,
    a w niedziele od 09.00 do 13.00.

    Szpital (z oddziałem pomocy doraźnej)
    Ospedale Silvestrini
    S. Andrea della Frate
    Tel: +39 075 7581

    Lekarz do wezwania w nagłych przypadkach
    Lekarz dostępny jest jedynie wieczorami
    i w weekendy.
    Tel: +39 075 34024


    Bancapulia Spa
    Via Cacciatori Delle Alpi 24
    06121 Perugia
    Tel: +39 0755724297

    Banca Nazionale Del Lavoro Spa
    Piazza Italia, 13
    06121 Perugia
    Tel: +39 07556851

    Banca Monte Dei Paschi Di Siena Spa
    Largo Cacciatori Delle Alpi, 13
    06123 Perugia
    Tel: +39 0755733728/0755733208/0755726078/0755733108
    Strona internetowa: 

    Banca Dell’Umbria 1462 Spa
    Largo Cacciatori Delle Alpi, 7
    06123 Perugia
    Tel: +39 0755726164/0755734944

    Unicredit Banca Spa
    Via Angeloni Mario
    06124 Perugia
    Tel: +39 0755056733

    Banca Fideuram Spa
    Via Palermo, 104
    06129 Perugia
    Strona internetowa:

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Private Minivan with a View and Uffizi in Florence Tour

Leave the city centre with a chauffeured minivan that will drive you along the “Viali di Circonvallazione” all the way to Fiesole, hill-town of Etruscan origins and a must for any visitor because of it’s spectacular view of Florence.
On the way back towards Florence, you will be able to see the Soccer Stadium “Artemio Franchi” and the Synagogue. You will continue the city tour along the River Arno in the historical center of Florence and you will see the National Library and the Church of Santa Croce, the burial place of some of the most brilliant Italian personalities, such as Michelangelo, Galileo, Machiavelli and Rossini. Upon arrival in Piazza della Signoria, your guide will lead you into the Uffizi Gallery that houses the most important collections of art of all the time: Giotto, Masaccio, Botticelli, Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo, Raffaello, Tiziano and many others.The tour ends inside the museum.

from 82 Euro

Private Renaissance Discovery Tour of Florence

Go deep into Florence artistic heritage and let your professional private guide unveil every corner of the cradle of Renaissance. An enlightening guided promenade at your own pace!

from 165 Euro

Shore Excursion from Livorno to Volterra and San Gimignano

Private Shore Excursion to Volterra and San Gimignano with English speaking driver from the port of Livorno. The tour has been designed for guests who have already seen the famous attractions and beauties of Florence and Pisa and are looking for a truly wonderful and exceptional excursion.
After approx. 1.5 hours driving through medieval towns and beautiful surrounding valleys, you will stop at San Gimignano, an enchanting medieval village that takes its name after Bishop Gimignano who saved the city from the barbarians. The Italian Manhattan as it has been called because of its tall, majestic towers, San Gimignano will charm you with everything which makes it a unique town all over the world. You will have time to explore and shop. If you wish we can arrange a wine tour in San Gimignano at a local winery.
Reboard the car and drive to Volterra. This Etruscan town sits on a rocky plateau and is protected by medieval ramparts.

from 100 Euro

Experience Florence: Tuscan Dinner in a Florentine Home

Spend an evening in a cozy Florentine private home and enjoy an authentic 4-course Tuscan meal, expertly cooked by your friendly chef. Gain insight into Italian home life and cooking, learning about the history of the dishes you eat and, of course, Florence's famous cuisine! If you’re looking for an ideal mix of culture, fine dinning and great company, this Tuscan dinner experience is not to be missed!

Numbers are limited to 12 people on this small-group experience, ensuring you'll enjoy a more personalized evening with your host.

from 55 Euro
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