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Trufle San Giovanni d’Asso

  • Trufle San Giovanni d’Asso

    San Giovanni d’Asso, które znajduje się na północy San Quirico d’Orcii, ożywia się podczas sezonu na trufle. Zaplanuj wizytę na czas jesiennego targu trufli, a potem odwiedź zamek, muzeum trufli i rynek trufli. Podczas jesiennego sezonu na białe trufle pośród księżycowego krajobrazu Crete kursuje niepowtarzalny „Pociąg Natura”, który przywozi wyszkolone psy tropiące trufle do San Giovanni d’Asso, a punktem kulminacyjnym jest degustacja trufli w porze lunchu. Tylko w Toskanii.
    Strona: www.cittadeltartufo.com/item/san-giovanni-dasso/

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Guided tour of the Uffizi Gallery - SMALL GROUP

The Uffizi Gallery hosts the biggest collection of Renaissance paintings in the world.
Our tour lasts about 2,5 hours and will make you discover the secrets behind Botticelli and Leonardo da Vinci paintings, and many other artists, together as the history of the Medici family.
Enjoy the view from the panoramic terrace overlooking Florence!

from 55 Euro

Searcing for truffles: black or Scorzone

Searching for truffles in Montalcino with an expert truffles hunter: it’s a special experience which allows you to discover how nature can offer hidden treasures….

The truffles hunter, with his dog along, will teach you the techniques to find a truffle enough to make you so enthusiast of your choice!! And after the search…let’s go and taste a good truffle dinner!! Enjoy the Tuscan recipes: delights for the palate!

from 249 Euro

Pisa and Florence Private Tour with Wine Tasting

Experience the charm of the wonderful cities of Pisa and Florence, steeped in history and culture. Visit the world-famous Leaning Tower and wind through the medieval streets in Florence while admiring its Renaissance works of art. Deepen your knowledge about history, myths and traditions of Tuscany with your local guide and discover the lesser-known sites of the two cities. Take a picture of the stunning Chianti hills and sample the best Tuscan cuisine. Head off to a cozy winery and enjoy a private wine cellar tour. Taste the finest red wines and learn interesting facts about this top-quality product.

from 650 Euro


' Oltrarno' the part of  Florence on the left side of the  river Arno where it is possible to experience the soul of the city and get in touch with  “the initiators of the Renaissance”.

from 225 Euro
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