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Trufle San Giovanni d’Asso

  • Trufle San Giovanni d’Asso

    San Giovanni d’Asso, które znajduje się na północy San Quirico d’Orcii, ożywia się podczas sezonu na trufle. Zaplanuj wizytę na czas jesiennego targu trufli, a potem odwiedź zamek, muzeum trufli i rynek trufli. Podczas jesiennego sezonu na białe trufle pośród księżycowego krajobrazu Crete kursuje niepowtarzalny „Pociąg Natura”, który przywozi wyszkolone psy tropiące trufle do San Giovanni d’Asso, a punktem kulminacyjnym jest degustacja trufli w porze lunchu. Tylko w Toskanii.
    Strona: www.cittadeltartufo.com/item/san-giovanni-dasso/

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Name your recipe: food market tour and workshop with a Cesarina in Florence

Have you ever been to a local market and traditional food shop in Italy, full of ingredients you'd love to experiment with? This is your chance to  visit a market with a local expert, choose your most inspiring ingredients, and create and name your very own recipe. 

Go food shopping with your Cesarina and choose 3-5 staple ingredients that capture your imagination
before immersing yourself in a private cooking class at their home. With their expert guidance, you will learn how to prepare your chosen ingredients and make your own Italian creations. Cultivate your creativity and confidence in the kitchen by adding an Italian flair to your dishes. 

Then, taste everything you have prepared accompanied by a selection of red and white local wines.

from 155 Euro

Tuscany Motorcycle Tour of Seaside and Volterra

Seaside and Volterra Motorcycle Tour. A pleasant journey that mixes an exciting ride through fantastic countryside roads, a lunch based on fish and a cultural visit to two of the most famous medieval cities on the Ancient Tuscany: Massa Marittima and Volterra.

With this daily tour you will have the opportunity to discover two great and famous Tuscan roads such as the Massetana and the Volterrana. The lunch, which is included in the price, will be based on local dishes with fish, in a restaurant with views over the Mediterranean sea. We will also have time to make a quick visit to the beautiful Massa Marittima and, in the afternoon, we will visit the Etruscan city used on the The Twilight Saga, Volterra.

A great day that mixes motorcycles, food and culture!

from 219 Euro

Carrara marble quarries Cinque Terre PRIVATE TOUR from Livorno port

- Follow in the Master's footsteps as you trace Michelangelo's tracks to the marble quarries of Carrara. Carrara is where he went (250 miles was no small feat then) to hand pick his marble for his Pieta' and from which came the marble for, yes, the David.
- Nowhere in the world is like the "Cinque Terre" or "Five Lands", two of which are included in this tour; Vernazza and Manarola. These quaint, colorful seaside towns combine with the blues and greens in nature to create a stunning, scenic palette. Take this all in with both walks around town and a drive down a panoramic road. The entire area is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
- Enjoy typical Tuscan cuisine in Colonnata, world renowned home of Lardo di Colonnata, a local delicacy of pork fat aged in marble vats.
Contact me to plan your private, customized culinary-sightseeing tour in Tuscany together!

from 335 Euro

Perugia, Assisi, and Passignano sul Trasimeno Small-Group Minivan Tour

The charm of nature, the seduction of art and the irresistible call from the spiritual heritage in the heart of Italy.

from 220 Euro
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