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Le Due Cuochine

  • Le Due Cuochine

    Wasze wakacje w Toskanii mogą  urozmaicić Le due Cuochine. Jak wskazuje nazwa, gotujemy zawsze we dwie. Sprawimy, że te chwile będą  niezapomniane!
    Urodziłyśmy się i wychowałyśmy w sercu Chianti Storico. Oferujemy domowe menu, przygotowane zgodnie z tradycjami przekazywanymi z pokolenia na pokolenie, w którym wykorzystujemy typowe dla regionu i pory roku produkty. 

    Pomożemy odkryć to, co najlepsze w kuchni włoskiej i chętnie podzielimy się naszą wiedzą.
    doradzamy i opracowujemy odpowiednie dla Was menu
    robimy zakupy
    gotujemy w Waszym domu
    nakrywamy i podajemy do stołu (jeśli chcecie)
    sprzątamy i zostawiamy idealny porządek w kuchni
    oferujemy także przyspieszony kurs gotowania

    Tel: +39 339 1678665 / +39 339 2317991
    Strona: www.leduecuochine.it

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This tour will allow you to skip the line in two important places in Florence, The Accademia Gallery and the famed Cathedral of Florence.
The Accademia is the home of Miche-langelo’s masterpiece “David”, one of the most famous and impressive statues in the world. Next, you will embark on a walking tour of the city, but not before indulging in a delicious lunch. At one of our favorite hidden gem restaurants, you will sample Tuscany’s best cuisine and wine. You’ll end your day with a private tour of the Cathedral of Florence. This day tour will truly help you to understand this magical city and all it has to offer.

from 100 Euro


Siena is a pearl in the Tuscan countryside, a countryside steel rich of ancient castles which show how life was going on in the middle ages. This tour will make you discover the town that had been fighting against Florence for centuries; the town that gave birth to artists such as Simone Martini or Ambrgio and Pietro Lorenzetti…

from 370 Euro

Welcome to Florence Orientation Tour: City Stroll and Gelato

This is the ultimate introduction to one of Italy’s most vibrant cities. Explore the streets of Florence with a local expert guide who will show you the biggest attractions like the Duomo and Palazzo Vecchio, as well as hidden gems, good restaurants, and the best neighborhoods to get lost in later in your visit.

from 34 Euro

Portoferraio, the fisherman village chosen by Etruscans, Medici and Napoleon

Once upon a time. . . there was an enchanted place of a timeless world, a magical land called Tuscany.
Here the waves of the rolling hills, privileged custodians of mysteries of ancient peoples still present in daily gestures of its inhabitants, crashing gently into the sea of those Thirrenii where lustful Venus lost seven gems of her divine tiara...
As scenery hatched by superior minds, blue sea and beautiful islands.
Undisputed queen Fabricia, Elbe Island today, the one chosen by Jason and the Argonauts searching the Golden Fleece, for stop and resting. Porto Argo, Cosmopoli, Portoferraio: from a fisherman village to the capital of the Napoleon's ephemeral empire

from 260 Euro
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